A Dialogue on Self-Compassion and Interdependence

A Dialogue on Self-Compassion and Interdependence

An ACMHE Contemplative Education Webinar
with Drs. Kamilah Majied and Vaishali Mamgain

Originally broadcast on Friday, August 23, 2019
Free and open to all, with a $10 optional, suggested donation

A dynamic discussion of self-compassion led by two contemplative leaders. Drs. Mamgain and Majied will discuss fierce self- compassion as it relates to interdependence so that participants learn how to increase their own positive life force through progressive self-reflection. Participants will also learn practices that help in building community with other contemplative practitioners.

Specific learning goals include:

  • Defining and developing self-compassion
  • Actualizing interdependence to build community
  • Understanding the relationship between self-compassion and intrapersonal development
  • Understanding the relationship between self-compassion and interpersonal development
  • Learning how to actively show compassion towards intrapersonal and interpersonal growth every day via guided practices that model this.

About the Presenters

Drs. Majied and MamgainDr. Kamilah Majied is a mental health therapist, professor, and internationally engaged consultant on inclusive contemplative pedagogy. She has practiced and taught Buddhism and mindfulness practice from several perspectives including mindfulness based cognitive therapy, mindfulness and racial justice, Buddhism and mental health, and mindfulness practices to preserve the environment. Kamilah served as a panelist for the Buddhist Teachers of African descent community forum in Harlem NY and she is author of the article entitled “Black Bodhisattvas” published in Lion’s Roar magazine. Drawing from over 40 years of contemplative practice and social justice activism, Kamilah engages practitioners in experiencing wonder, humor and insight as we release oppressive patterns and deepen our relationships with each other and with the natural world.

Dr. Vaishali Mamgain is an economist and a leading thinker and practitioner in the field of contemplative education and compassion cultivation. As the Director of the Bertha Crosley Ball Center for Compassion at the University of Southern Maine, she is a woman of color who leads weekly practice sessions and weekend workshops for mostly European descent faculty, staff and community in Maine. Vaishali’s passion and strengths are in creating brave, caring spaces. She emphasizes that when done with integrity, our practices can unseat oppression within us and by extension in the world. Based on years of contemplative teaching, she invites participants to engage with self-compassion and joy and to experience the liberatory nature of contemplative practices.

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