ICEA Journal: Social Justice, Inner Work & Contemplative Practice

CMind is honored to host the inaugural issue of the ICEA Journal.

Published by the Initiative for Contemplation, Equity, and Action; edited by Sheryl Petty, Ed.D. (Founder, Movement Tapestries).

Please read, enjoy, and share this rich resource!

Social Justice, Inner Work & Contemplative Practice: Lessons & Directions For Multiple Fields

ICEA Journal, Vol. 1., No. 1, July 2017


Introduction to the Volume
Sheryl Petty, Movement Tapestries 

Waking Up To All of Ourselves: Inner Work, Social Justice & Systems Change
Sheryl Petty, Movement Tapestries 

Embracing Contemplative Pedagogy in a Culturally Diverse Classroom
Laura I. Rendón, University of Texas, San Antonio & Vijay Kanagala, University of Vermont

Becoming a White Foot-Soldier ~ Evolving Into Humanity: The Dangerous Intersections of the Personal, Professional, Political and Spiritual
Gale Young, California State University East Bay, Professor Emeritus 

The Practices of Transformative Movements
Movement Strategy Center, Oakland, CA

“Serving the Spirit of Goodness”: Contemplation, Gender and Race
Wendy Farley, San Francisco Theological Seminary (formerly of Emory University)

Nafsi Ya Jamii: An Urban Retreat Center Story
Patricia St. Onge & Wilson Riles, Seven Generations Consulting

Spiritual Bypassing in the Contemporary Mindfulness Movement
Carla Sherrell & Judith Simmer-Brown, Naropa University

The Question about the Question: Transforming Educational Policy from the Inside Out
Velma L. Cobb, Touro College 

Liberal Education as Vital Interdependence
Stephen Rowe, Grand Valley State University

One Field, Different Doors In: Contemplative Higher Education, Transformative Education and Education for Social Justice
Rhonda V. Magee, University of San Francisco