Contemplative Education Bibliography

This bibliography of research on contemplative practices in higher education was compiled for CMind in 2019 by Seth Schoen, PhD. Previously, CMind’s last research review (Toward the Integration of Meditation into Higher Education) was completed in 2008 and focused on meditation and learning. Thus, a bibliography inclusive of multiple forms of contemplative practice and pedagogy in various areas and aspects of higher education has been long overdue.

While mindfulness predominates the published research on contemplative practices, the preceding 10 years of ACMHE conferences have demonstrated that many forms of contemplative inquiry are being practiced in academia today. Reflecting this broadening of practices and approaches, we understand this bibliography to be comprehensive, but not conclusive, in scope. It encompasses published material on the broad range of contemplative inquiry in the context of higher education.

Omissions are not intentional, but a reflection of how the growing field cannot be fully captured in one limited-time project. We hope that scholars and educators find this bibliography a useful resource and continue to learn from a diversity of traditions and forms of practice in the coming years.


This bibliography was compiled by searching for published materials on the topic of contemplative education, practices, pedagogies, and approaches in higher education from 2008-2019. Several articles prior to 2008 have been included because of their influential impact or focus on underrepresented areas of research. In addition, conversations at the 2018 ACMHE conference revealed emerging concerns for the moral and ethical frameworks in which our contemplative inquiry operates. As a starting point, we understand this concern generally as a desire for spiritual rootedness and have included a small section in this bibliography on spirituality in higher education. It is not intended to be comprehensive on this topic.