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Updated 8/8/22

There are no upcoming CMind events at this time.

Participant Testimonials

"This was really an incredible experience that allowed me to practice (personally) and seek innovative teaching and learning strategies. It gave me opportunity to reflect on my own teaching and what I want to change. Most powerfully and unexpectedly, the participants created space for the healing work and healing practitioners to be present. This added a different dimension and allowed everyone to also contemplate methods of self-care."

"The emphasis on inclusion and social justice absolutely made this event for me. I would like to see more of this, in fact. Were it to be any less diverse -- in the makeup of presenters, organizers, participants, or topics of focus -- it would be diminished. I hope the Center will continue along this path toward creating spaces inclusive and affirming of all identities -- in tangible, meaningful ways.

Within the inclusive space described above, the sense of connection to and mutual affirmation of one another was a surprisingly rich and enriching element. I leave feeling more full, more affirmed, more skillful as a human being and educator/instigator of positive change."

"I've been on yoga/meditation retreats and to academic conferences. I've never been to a session that so skillfully blended contemplative practice, intellectual work, social-political conversation."