Education Resources: K-12

The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society does not run programs specifically tailored to the needs of early childhood and K-12 educators. CMind’s programs focus on integrating a variety of contemplative practices into post-secondary education.

However, the growing “mindful education” movement means that many visitors to our website are seeking resources on mindfulness practices in K-12 education. We have compiled these links as a rough guide to some organizations which specialize in this area. Please note that this is an expanding field, and this is not intended to be a comprehensive list!

  • Association for Mindfulness in Education (AME)
    A collaborative association of organizations and individuals working together to provide support for mindfulness training as a component of K-12 education. The Association for Mindfulness in Education offers a directory of schools and programs as an interactive map.
  • Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)
    CASEL seeks to establish social and emotional learning as an essential part of education.
  • Inward Bound Mindfulness Education
    A non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of teens, parents, and professionals.
  • Mind Body Awareness Project
    A non-profit organization with a unique mental training program consisting of mindfulness meditation and emotional intelligence exercises designed to strengthen youth’s minds, relieve their toxic stress, and build their ability to make better decisions.
  • Mindful Schools
    A non-profit organization that offers in-class instruction for children, a complete multi-level training program for adults, and other resources to support mindfulness in education.”
  • Mindfulness in Education Network (MiEN)
    Manages an active Yahoo Group/mailing list with news, announcements and events for educators who want to bring a contemplative awareness to their work.
  • Passageworks Institute
    Supporting educators with practices and principles that integrate social, emotional and academic learning and create meaningful and rigorous relationship-based classrooms.
  • The Inner Kids Foundation
    This program taught mindful awareness programs in under-served schools and neighborhoods in Los Angeles from 2000-2009.
  • Inner Strength Foundation
    The Inner Strength Foundation runs 12-week programs for high school students that teaches mindfulness tools along with the fundamentals of adolescent neuroscience and a deep time perspective on cultural development.



The Tree of Contemplative Practices

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