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As a global community of contemplatives, CMind seeks to shift the patterns of white dominance as they exist in the contemplative realm itself. We recognize that because of white supremacy, white contemplatives have gained more recognition and profit as contemplative leaders. We also recognize that cultural appropriation often manifests when the practices white contemplatives lead draw heavily from the traditions of Asian, African, Latinx and Indigenous peoples. We endeavor to center the leadership of Black, Latinx, Indigenous and Asian contemplatives both in the United States and globally, while continuing to support the contemplative leadership of all people.

Transcendent Wisdom and Transformative Action: Reflections from Black Contemplatives

The upcoming Special Edition of the Journal of Contemplative Inquiry, Transcendent Wisdom and Transformative Action: Reflections from Black Contemplatives, has received dozens of compelling abstracts. Manuscripts are now under review with an expected Special Edition publication date of December 2021.

Questions? Contact Guest Editor Dr. Kamilah Majied at kamilah@contemplativemind.org.

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