A Global Community of Contemplatives

The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society is a global community of contemplative practitioners whose goal is the ongoing development of racial, social, economic, and environmental justice and the advancement of human flourishing.

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Love and Rage: An Online Course with Lama Rod Owens

We're excited to share the news about Buddhist teacher Lama Rod Owens' new online course based on his best-selling book, "Love and Rage: The Path of Liberation Through Anger."

The Contemplative King

I write today about the contemplative King: a human being with a vision of justice, indomitable spirit, a tough mind, a soft heart, and fierce intellect.
Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

We invite proposals for personal essays from contemplative practitioners in higher education who are working to manifest a more liberatory, compassion-centered, and antiracist academy.

Introducing the New Executive Director of CMind

Dr. David W. Robinson-Morris

The CMind board of directors is honored to welcome Dr. Robinson-Morris as our new executive director. David is a scholar, deep practitioner, successful developer, and visionary.

CMind’s mission is to positively and progressively transform society through diverse contemplative practices.

Contemplative practices are about learning from our own unique, personal experiences. We call them "practices" because over time, with repetition, our learning grows as our experience changes.

Contemplative practices have many forms, including:

Creative practices like singing, playing music, drawing, writing, knitting...

Movement practices like martial arts, yoga, dancing, walking, working out...

Relational practices like storytelling, deep listening, dialogues, meetings, and circles...

A free guide to contemplative practices for personal & organizational change

To learn more about how contemplative practice can sustain your work for justice, download the The Activist’s Ally, our 119-page .pdf packed with ideas, inspiration, and resources.