The Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education 

As of September 2022, ACMHE is becoming an independent, member-led association.

Prior to this point, ACMHE was a program of CMind, the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society. Following a Board decision earlier this year, after almost 30 years of operations, CMind closed its programs on Sept. 1, 2022 (learn more CMind’s sunset).

Over the past weeks, the CMind Board and the Board Transition Committee considered numerous excellent options for continuing ACMHE without CMind. Their selection process has concluded: Pending the necessary institutional approvals and the penultimate approval from the Office of the Attorney General in the State of Massachusetts, ACMHE will continue as an institutionally independent member-governed association. Going forward, the Friends of ACMHE Advisory Committee will provide organizational coordination for ACMHE.

The Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education (ACMHE) is a multidisciplinary professional academic association with a membership of educators, scholars, and administrators in higher education. ACMHE is an initiative of the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society (CMind), which since the mid-1990's has advanced research and established the credibility of the benefits of contemplative higher education. CMind has identified leading academics in the field, reached a broad constituency, and become the defining voice for contemplative practices as they specifically apply to higher education settings and pedagogical developments.

Learn more about membership by visiting the ACMHE website.