Contemplative Degree Programs and Concentrations

We are often asked to provide information on accredited institutions which offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs specifically in Contemplative Studies. This page is our attempt to list such schools, programs, and concentrations. Note that this list is only intended to include programs which specifically identify contemplative, holistic, integrative or mindfulness-based approaches as the subject of study. If you have suggestions for improving this list, please do contact us with your edits and additions.

Transformative and Spiritual Dimensions of Higher Education

Report on the Survey of Transformative and Spiritual Dimensions of Higher EducationReport on Transformative and Spiritual Dimensions of Higher Education by Maia Duerr

Case StudiesCase Studies by Maia Duerr

In summer of 2002, The Fetzer Institute contracted with Arthur Zajonc of Amherst College, Maia Duerr of the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society, and Diana Dana of the University of Massachusetts and The Community for Integrative Learning & Action to conduct a survey of Transformative and Spiritual Dimensions of Higher Education. The purpose of the survey was to document academic programs and other initiatives in North American universities and colleges that incorporate elements of transformative learning, including contemplative practices. More than 150 academic professionals responded to the online questionnaire and 22 people were interviewed by phone.

The report served as the basis for the Fetzer Institute to discuss strategies to support transformative, spiritual, and contemplative dimensions of higher education. The case studies provide a closer look at how six professors have introduced contemplative practices into their classrooms and programs.