Recommended Reading


Meditation & Other Contemplative Practices

The Best Guide to Meditation
Victor N. Davich
The Best Guide to Meditation
Renaissance Books
Sailing Home Norman Fischer
Sailing Home: Using Homer’s Odyssey to Navigate Life’s Perils and Pitfalls
Free Press
Insight Meditation
Joseph Goldstein
Insight Meditation: The Practice of Freedom
Shambhala Publications
The Experience of Insight
Joseph Goldstein
The Experience of Insight:
A Simple and Direct Guide to Buddhist Meditation

Shambhala Publications
Christian Zen William Johnston
Christian Zen
Fordham University Press
Wherever You Go, There You Are Jon Kabat-Zinn
Wherever You Go, There you are:
Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life

Seeking the Heart of Wisdom Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein
Seeking the Heart of Wisdom:
The Path of Insight Meditation

Shambhala Publications
The 8 gates of Zen John Daido Loori
The Eight Gates of Zen:
A Program of Zen Training

Shambhala Publications
Awakening Through Love John Makransky
Awakening Through Love:
Unveiling Your Deepest Goodness

Wisdom Publications
In the Spirit of Happiness The Monks of New Skete
In the Spirit of Happiness
Back Bay Books
The Miracle of Mindfulness
Thich Nhat Hanh
The Miracle of Mindfulness:
A Manual on Meditation

Beacon Press
Zen Mind Beginner's Mind Shunryu Suzuki
Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind
Voices of Insight Voices of Insight
(edited by Sharon Salzberg;
essays by many meditation teachers)
Shambhala Publications
Meditation as Contemplative Inquiryempty
Arthur Zajonc
Meditation as Contemplative Inquiry
Lindisfarne Books

Resources for the Contemplative Workplace

James A. Autry & Stephen Mitchell
Real Power:
Business Lessons from the Tao Te Ching

Riverhead Books
Coming to our Senses Jon Kabat-Zinn
Coming to Our Senses
The Reinvention of Work Matthew Fox
The Reinvention of Work:
A New Vision of Livelihood for Our Time

Harper San Francisco
Zen at Work Les Kaye
Zen at Work:
A Zen Teacher’s 30-Year Journey in Corporate America

Crown Publishers
Lewis Richmond
Work as a Spiritual Practice:
A Practical Buddhist Approach to Inner Growth
and Satisfaction on the Job

Broadway Books
The Heart Aroused David Whyte
The Heart Aroused:
Poetry and the Preservation of Soul in Corporate America

Crossing the Unknown Sea David Whyte
Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity
Riverhead Books



Attending Retreats

Come and Sit Come and Sit: A Week inside Meditation Centers
Marcia Z. Nelson and Wayne Teasdale
Skylight Paths Publishing

This book devotes a chapter to each of seven traditions: Christianity, Zen, Theravadan Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism, Judaism, and Hinduism.

Lighting the Lamp of Wisdom Lighting the Lamp of Wisdom: A Week inside a Yoga Ashram
John Ittner and David Frawley
Skylight Paths Publishing
Making a Heart for God Making a Heart for God: A Week inside a Catholic Monastery
Dianne Aprile and Patrick Hart
Skylight Paths Publishing
Waking Up Waking Up: A Week inside a Zen Monastery
Jack Maguire, Foreword by John Daido Loori
Skylight Paths Publishing


The Spiritual Search

Meeting Faithempty Meeting Faith: The Forest Journals of A Black Buddhist Nun
by Faith Adiele
W. W. Norton Publishing
Mount Analogueempty Mount Analogue
by René Daumal
Overlook Press
Making Waves and Riding the Currents Making Waves and Riding the Currents:
Activism and the Practice of Wisdom
by Charlie Halpern
Stumbling Toward Enlightenmentempty Stumbling Toward Enlightenment
by Geraldine Larkin
Celestial Arts
Asian Journals of Thomas Mertonempty The Asian Journal of Thomas Merton
by Thomas Merton
New Directions Publishing
Breakfast with Buddhaempty Breakfast With Buddha
by Roland Merullo
Algonquin Books
Pure Heart, Enlightened Mindempty Pure Heart, Enlightened Mind: The Life and Letters of an Irish Zen Saint
by Maura O’Halloran
Wisdom Publications
Dreaming Meempty Dreaming Me
by Jan Willis
Riverhead Books


Nature and Contemplation

Meditations of Ralph Waldo Emerson Meditations of Ralph Waldo Emerson: Into the Green Future 
Chris Highland, Ed.
Wilderness Press
Meditations of John Muir Meditations of John Muir: Nature’s Temple 
Chris Highland, Ed.
Wilderness Press
Meditations of Henry David Thoreau Meditations of Henry David Thoreau: A Light in the Woods 
Chris Highland, Ed.
Wilderness Press
Meditations of Walt Whitman Meditations of Walt Whitman: Earth, My Likeness 
Chris Highland, Ed.
Wilderness Press


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