Call for Event Proposals

The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society is a global community of contemplative practitioners whose goal is the ongoing development of racial, social, economic, and environmental justice and the advancement of human flourishing. Through contemplative practices, we endeavor to open hearts, minds, and bodies to true community, deeper insight, and just, sustainable, coexistence with all people and with the natural environment.

Scholar-activists, educators, artists, practitioners, and community members are invited to submit proposals to lead workshops, practices, retreats, panels, or webinars to share with the CMind/ACMHE community and beyond. While much of our programming is attended by faculty and staff at colleges and universities, we characterize “higher education” as more than formal institutions, to include learning and sharing experiences that elevate humanity for justice, belonging, healing, and transformation.

Proposals are due by Monday, March 8th at 12:00 AM UTC

Below are the different kinds of offerings we currently organize:

ACMHE webinars

ACMHE webinars (60-90 minutes) focus on the research, practice, critique, and development of contemplative pedagogy in higher education. We are particularly interested in presentations describing contemplative work with particular student populations, such as (but not limited to) within specific academic disciplines; for students with learning disabilities; first-generation students; adult learners; community colleges; and online learning. These webinars should emphasize discussions of research and praxis, and include time for audience Q&A. Guided contemplative practices may be part of the session, but the emphasis will be on the presentation and discussion of your material. In order to present this offering, you must be a current ACMHE member.

Practice Webinars

Other offerings can include panel discussions, dialogues, performance, community sharing, etc. If what you’re interested in sharing doesn’t fit within one of these descriptions please feel free to share your ideas with Maya at

Registration Fees & Presenter Payment

In order to sustain the organization and support our presenters, we charge registration fees for our events. Presenters receive 50% of the registration income. Below are the details explaining the different registration tiers.

Webinars (60-90 minutes): $25
Free with access grants
Free for ACMHE members

Events 3 hours or less:
Sliding scale fees: $100/$75/$50 (self-selected)
Access grants available to cover $25
ACMHE members receive a $25 discount

Events over 3 hours:
Sliding scale fees: $175/$150/$125 (self-selected)
Access grants available to cover $50
ACMHE members receive a $25 discount

Proposals are due by Monday, March 8th at 12:00 AM UTC

Proposals will be reviewed with these criteria in mind:

Integrating CMind’s values: grounded in an inclusive, anti-racist vision that engages contemplative practices to genuinely advance the well-being of society.
A clear and meaningful intention, and outcomes that serve the intersection of contemplative practice and social justice.
Representing new or underrepresented perspective(s), ideas, and voices.
Sharing practice (or the uses of practice) based on the presenter’s authentic personal experience.
Offering innovative, creative, and meaningful takeaways.

Proposals will be reviewed by an external committee made up of the CMind community, ACMHE members, and past presenters. Proposals will be reviewed after the 6-week submission period. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Maya at