Just Published: JOCI Vol. 9, No. 2

JOCI vol 9 No 2

The Journal of Contemplative Inquiry (JOCI) is the online, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal for all who design, use, research, and assess contemplative and introspective methods and practices in post-secondary education.

The Summer 2022 edition of the Journal of Contemplative Inquiry explores new opportunities and approaches to deep-seated problems in academia that predate the pandemic, but became acutely highlighted in the past two years. Across eight new articles and essays, the authors discuss contemplative practices and learning which emerged in classrooms, online, and in relationships that extend beyond the academy.

JOCI Vol. 9, No. 2

David Sable, Trudy Sable (Editors)

Transition in the Era of a Pandemic: An Exercise in Mindfulness
Ana Fonseca Conboy

Poetry as a Contemplative Pedagogical Practice
Neill Korobov

Transformative Nonattachment: Unraveling the Prison of Perfection in the Neoliberal Academy
Charles T. Lee

Slow Looking: Powerful Tool of Mindfulness to Facilitate Transfer
Young Kyung Min

Dialogic Reciprocity and Contemplative Mentorship
Beth Connors-Manke

Lessons from the Blurring of the Frontstage and Backstage: Community College Personnel’s Experiences and Use of Contemplative Practices During the Pandemic
Amy Pucino

Teaching Mindfulness Across Generations: A Case Study
Mary Ann Erickson

Transformation Literacy to Transformative Unity: A Noble Experiment from Me to We
Lisa Napora, Rosa D’Abate, Layla Providente, Angeline Cooper

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