Transcendent Wisdom and Transformative Action: Reflections from Black Contemplatives

JOCI vol. 9 no. 1 cover

This special edition of the Journal of Contemplative Inquiry focuses on the insights and wisdom of Black contemplative practitioners, researchers, scholars, educators and artists. Edited by Dr. Kamilah Majied, this special edition holds 23 new articles and essays–over 360 pages–highlighting the diverse, numinous sources of Black excellence and thriving and the relevance of Black sagacity to all beings.

The Journal of Contemplative Inquiry (ISSN: 2333-7281), founded by the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society, is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal publishing articles, reflections, and book reviews to support the scholarly exchange of ideas regarding the understanding, development, and application of contemplative and introspective methods in all aspects of higher education. Our intention is to share knowledge that is theoretically grounded and practically useful for teachers, students, staff, and leadership in higher education and related contexts.

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