Journal of Contemplative Inquiry, Vol. 8

JOCI Vol. 8 No. 1

The new issue of the Journal of Contemplative Inquiry (JOCI) is now available! JOCI is the online, peer-reviewed journal of contemplative and introspective methods and practices in post-secondary education. Volume 8 contains 12 new articles, reflections, and case studies to deepen and expand explorations of contemplative theory and classroom practices.

Drawing as a Practice of Compassion
Rich Curtis

Music Listening as a Contemplative Practice in the College Classroom
Vanessa Cornett

Fostering Mindfulness Through Embroidery and Reverse Community-Engaged Learning in Moroccan Higher Education
Smita Kumar

Contemplative Reading: Generosity, Meaning-making, Intolerance
Karolyn Kinane

Lectio Divina: A Contemplative Pedagogy for Promoting Embodied and Creative Learning in Higher Education Classrooms
Jane Dalton, Maureen Hall, Catherine Hoyser

Speaking Out While Speaking In: Transforming Intergroup Dialogues With Mindfulness-Based Anti-Racist Practices
Jersey Cosantino

Mindfulness and Indigenous Knowledge: Shared Narratives About Reconciliation and Decolonization in Teacher Education
Karen Ragoonaden, Tina Fraser, Ross Hoffman, Brenda Hebert

Monday Morning After: Sustaining a Mindfulness Practice after the Initial Retreat
Molly Serene Dunn

Fostering Resiliency and Care: Integrating Self-Compassion Into a Graduate Course
Heather Burns

Meditation Time in the Classroom: Mindfulness Dosage and Undergraduate Psychological Distress
Kelsey Evans-Amalu, Becky Beucher, Shiva Jahani, Suat Babayigit

The Mindful Researcher
Emily McRobbie

A Conversation on the Edited Collection Engaging with Meditative Inquiry in Teaching, Learning, and Research: Realizing Transformative Potentials in Diverse Contexts
Ashwani Kumar, David Sable

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