Love and Rage: An Online Course with Lama Rod Owens

We’re excited to share the news about Buddhist teacher Lama Rod Owens‘ new online course based on his best-selling book, Love and Rage: The Path of Liberation Through Anger.

For six weeks beginning Monday, January 31st, the course will offer talks, practice sessions, Q&A and group discussions, we will explore our relationship to anger and our individual and collective trauma. We will deeply come to know our rage and accept it—and learn how to use the wisdom contained within anger as the ground for our liberation.

Registration for the course is open until Friday, February 4th. (Recordings of the sessions will be available to registrants.)

What You Will Learn:

  • How to work with anger and rage for transformation and change
  • Compassion-based processes to manage cumulative trauma
  • How to be more embodied and bring awareness to the physical, mental, spiritual, and energetic aspects of ourselves
  • Ways to hold space for and take care of our pain
  • What self-care really looks like and how to integrate it into your daily life
  • Somatic practices for stress management and healing
  • Practices to connect and engage with our ancestors in order to ground ourselves during difficult times and enrich our self understanding
  • Non-judgmental acceptance of what life presents
  • How to be loving, open and vulnerable… but still fierce!

For more info — and to sign up with a 20% discount (with code CMIND) off for our followers — visit

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