Celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility

illustration by Harmony Willow Studio

(featured illustration by Harmony Willow Studio)

March 31st is International Transgender Day of Visibility! CMind honors the history and successes of transgender and non-binary people with support and solidarity.

We’ve posted the following links & resources in our IG stories for 3/31/21:

  • LiberatED‘s ideas for educators
  • Susanna Barkataki‘s “Trans and Non Binary Yoga Teachers You Should Be Following” [if/when we see such lists for other practices, we’ll share them! Or, feel free to share links in the comments below.]
  • Trans Yoga Project‘s call for all trans yoga teachers to submit their class info for a spotlight on their IG page.
  • Blair Imani‘s #SmarterInSeconds quick guide about misgendering
  • @youcancallmeaz‘s Affirmations for Trans People

As a further resource for educators, you can watch this ACMHE Contemplative Education webinar with Dr. Kerr Mesner, originally broadcast on September 28th, 2018: “Contemplation, Reflexivity, and Gender/ Sexual Diversity in the Classroom.” Dr. Mesner writes,

This webinar will offer an introduction to my work developing contemplative and anti-oppressive approaches to addressing issues of gender/sexual diversity in the classroom. As an out transgender/queer scholar and educator, I am deeply aware of the importance of thoughtful, grounded, ethical approaches to better addressing the needs of our students with diverse gender and sexual identities and expressions.

With that in mind, I work from the foundational premises that a) anti-oppressive approaches to gender/ sexual diversity are vital–particularly within our current socio-political contexts; b) reflexivity–that is, critical self-reflection–is foundational to the work of gender/sexual diversity in education; and c) contemplative practices offer us an ideal pathway into this reflexive work. Through this webinar, you will have an opportunity to engage with these three threads experientially, as well as to reflect on your own teaching practices relating to gender/ sexual diversity in your own classrooms.

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