Dr. Kamilah Majied Joins CMind Leadership Team

The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society is delighted to announce that Dr. Kamilah Majied has joined its leadership team in order to assist with the CMind commitment to increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in contemplative practice and education. Dr. Majied is a long-standing contributor to CMind and member of the Association of the Contemplative Mind in Higher Education. She has presented numerous webinars and trainings on applied contemplative practice for educators and practitioners globally. Serving in the role of Contemplative Anti-Racism and Inclusivity Consultant, Dr. Majied will

  • Elevate Black, Indigenous, Latinx and Asian Contemplative leadership through the development of diverse publication and presentation venues
  • Advise in the development of modules and curricula for the online anti-oppression and social justice contemplative teaching certificate
  • Guide the CMind board and staff in making organizational culture shifts to more fully embody an anti-racist, inclusive contemplative vision and mission
  • Organize, host and co-host Wellness Retreats for Black, Indigenous, Latinx and Asian Contemplatives
  • Organize the Ending Racism in Academia Panel for Fall 2021
  • Advise on the development of anti-racist and inclusive programming for the CMind international contemplative community

To find out more about Dr. Majied, please see her bio below and click on the links to see selected Webinars, Podcasts and Publications.

Dr. Kamilah Majied is a mental health therapist, clinical educator, researcher, and internationally engaged consultant on building inclusivity and equity using meditative practices. She teaches clinical practice to graduate students employing psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness-based, and artistic approaches to well-being. She also teaches research methods, social and organizational policy analysis, and community organizing through a social justice lens. Kamilah has taught contemplative practice from several perspectives including mindfulness-based stress reduction, mindfulness and racial justice, Buddhism and mental health, and mindfulness practices to preserve the environment. She gave opening remarks at the first White House Conference of Buddhist Leaders on Climate Change and Racial Justice, where she also facilitated a dialogue on ending racism amongst the internationally represented Buddhist leadership. After 15 years of teaching at Howard University, Dr. Majied has recently joined the faculty at California State University, Monterey Bay as a Professor of Social Work. She serves as the Diversity and Inclusivity Consultant for the Contemplative Coping During COVID-19 Research Project at the University of California Davis, Center for Mind and Brain. Drawing from her decades of contemplative practice and diversity, equity and inclusion leadership, Dr. Majied engages people in experiencing wonder, humor and insight through transforming oppressive patterns and deepening relationships towards ever-improving individual, organizational and communal wellness.

Selected Articles and Digital Presentations

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