How Can We Be Daringly and Radically-Well During Times of Upheaval?

the June ACMHE Contemplative Education Webinar:

How Can We Be Daringly and Radically-Well During Times of Upheaval?

Presented by Ife Lenard, MSW, EdM and Ericka Echavarria, LMSW, JD
Originally broadcast live via Zoom on Friday, June 26th
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It rings through all sorts of sound barriers. Stay safe; shelter in place; work from home. Don’t wear masks. Now, wear masks. Civil and uncivil disobedience. Public murders. Protest. Curfew. Re-Open. Stay Safe. Pardon us, but if we’re being called to unexpectedly adapt to a barrage of life shifts and demands, how can we be daringly and radically well during such constant upheaval? With ourselves, with our students? With one another? How do we respond to these calls while simultaneously being bold in caring for our needs? Could being radically well maintain or enrich hope for ourselves, campuses and families? What can we do and say that best captures the spirit and boldness of radical well-being during such moments of chaos? How do we embody the characteristics of what we dare to reflect as radically well-being? What more can we do to widen and deepen our definitions of wellness, and our fortitude in order to be so bold, so daring… so radical?

Join two social workers from Columbia University School of Social Work, who both serve as educators for social work practitioners and students as they aim to share how radical well-being can overwhelmingly sustain hope, sanity, relationship care, self-awareness, decision-making, and overall mental health nurturance for both staff and students alike.

During our 75-minute webinar, we will discuss specific approaches coupled with contemplative practices that offer a means of building and sustaining adults through relational and societal challenges, such as a global pandemic, isolation, remote learning and the demands of digital etiquette and productivity.  Taking a radical deep-dive into a host of competencies embedded in social and emotional intelligence can foster one’s desire, and even need, to learn how to use the power of contemplative practices, emotional intelligence and mindful behaviors to create a strengthened sense of well-being.  It also creates more effective and inclusive digital or residential learning environments for all. Even greater, such a praxis of care envelops people and engages them in multiple ways to cultivate compassionate school communities moving forward.


About the Presenters

Ife LenardIfe LenardMSW, EdM, has a profound commitment to intentional spaces, service-leadership, and building relationships in a different, more human way. Her ability to serve as a catalyst, share stories, unpack inequities that sustain harm, and deepen practices move educators forward in their journey. Experiences with her address and interrupt toxicity and racial and social disparities as she uses the transformational movements of educational leadership, clinical social work, restorative practices, and mindfulness to again move educators toward a collective humanity that embraces holistic development for staff and children alike.

She also serves simultaneously as Professor to graduate students at Columbia University School of Social Work and Educational Consultant to educators and clinicians. Ife holds a B.S. in Human Ecology and two Masters–Clinical Social Work and Educational Leadership–both from Columbia University. A mother of two young adults, Ife is devoted to them receiving messages and being in places where they know and believe that they both are worthy, beautiful and divine. 



Ericka EchavarriaEricka Echavarria, LMSW, JD, currently serves as an Associate Director of Field Education at Columbia University School of Social Work, a role which includes teaching graduate students and social workers supervisors at Columbia.  One of her passions is preparing current and future social work professionals for direct practice with clients and systems, through a self-care and self-awareness practice, a social justice framework, and a grounded ethical and professional identity. 

Ericka has also served many as a mitigation specialist/sentencing advocate through her own consulting practice since 2011.  Working closely with defense attorneys of both court-appointed and privately retained cases, her role involves making the case for life on behalf of clients in capital murder cases through the use of comprehensive psychosocial narratives, sentencing advocacy, in-depth assessments, and case management for clients in the federal criminal legal system. Ericka received her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University in 2008, and her Juris Doctorate from Albany Law School in 2002. Ericka is also a mother to a beautiful 8-year-old boy, identifies as Afro-Latina, born to Dominican immigrant parents, and aspires to leave a legacy of love, courage, hope, and peace for her son and nephews. 


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