We’ve Moved! Welcome to our new home

Posted on Oct 11, 2012

(Note: we have moved since this post was written 8 years ago! Please note that our current address is 296 Nonotuck Street, Suite 5, Florence, MA 01062.)

In the days following our 2012 ACMHE Conference we packed up our little one-room office and moved about a mile north to 98 King Street, Northampton. Our new space is also one room, but much larger, wonderfully spacious, newly renovated, and well-lit (12 windows!). The photos below will take you on a little tour: we’re settling in and are excited to make it our new home.

We are also very happy to be renting from and supporting the efforts of the Valley Community Development Corporation (Valley CDC), the new owners of the building. The Valley CDC works locally to develop affordable housing, provide economic opportunities and encourage community leadership, so our monthly rent payment not only enables us to use this lovely space but also support efforts directly aligned with our mission. (Want to help us pay our rent? Consider making a donation.)

Thank you for all your support in making higher education a more meaningful endeavor. May you be very well.

Outside our new office at 98 King Street, Northampton, MA

Outside our new office.

A view of downtown from our porch; the new office is fully wheelchair accessible.

A view of downtown from our porch; the new office is fully wheelchair accessible.

Beth's desk

Beth’s desk

Carrie's desk

Carrie’s desk

Our meeting table...meditation cushions in the background.

Our meeting table…meditation cushions in the background.

Empty space for another workstation

Empty space for another workstation

Not pictured: the large and currently empty space in the center of the room, jokingly referred to as our dance floor.

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