Announcing Contemplative Mind-1440 Foundation Grants to Teaching & Learning Centers

Posted on Oct 3, 2012

Teaching and Learning Centers are on-campus resource and training centers for professors and teaching assistants from all disciplines, and are dedicated to fostering excellent and innovative teaching. TLCs also excel at collecting and assessing the outcomes of teaching methods.

Over the past two years the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society has started working with Teaching and Learning Centers (TLCs) at colleges and universities across the US and we are pleased to announce that, with support from the 1440 Foundation, we have now established a program of grants to TLCs to foster and support the use of contemplative practices throughout the curriculum. Within this initiative, we are offering two different grants: Contemplative Pedagogy and Teaching and Learning grants and Invited Speaker grants.

The Contemplative Pedagogy and Teaching and Learning grants are $5,000 each and are intended to support a range of initiatives at TLCs. To qualify, the applying Teaching and Learning Centers must have a Director and/or staff who are members of the ACMHE and who have attended an event organized by The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society (such as a Summer Session on Contemplative Pedagogy, ACMHE Conference or Retreat for Educators) or have already invited speakers to address them and faculty on contemplative pedagogy.

The Invited Speaker grants offer funds to subsidize the costs of invited speakers on contemplative pedagogy. There are no qualification requirements, and we hope this program may be of particular benefit to TLCs which do not qualify for our Contemplative Pedagogy and Teaching and Learning Grants.

The deadline for applying for a Contemplative Pedagogy and Teaching and Learning grant is November 15, 2012. The Invited Speaker grants have a rolling deadline.

To learn more about the grants and to apply, visit or view the RFP.

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