Statement of Solidarity

By CMind staff, 6/1/20

ABlack Lives Matters an organization committed to a more just and compassionate society, we condemn the brutal murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police. We stand in solidarity with protesters across the US and the world against systemic anti-Black racism perpetuated by those in power. We demand that all officers involved in these violent actions be held accountable. We must work together to dismantle this institutionalized system of oppression. We stand in solidarity with all victims of police brutality and white supremacist violence, including the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and other Black victims of violence in African American communities.

As an organization committed to contemplative practices as means of nurturing justice and compassion, we believe that liberation and empowerment cannot be realized without confronting how systemic racism and white supremacy can infect our contemplative, meditation and mindfulness communities. Especially for white folks in predominantly white contemplative communities: we may hold the best intentions for offering welcoming and inclusive spaces that realize Beloved Community even as our actions are poisoned by the pervasive effects of systemic racism. It is therefore vital that we dedicate ourselves to the ongoing work of healing our minds and hearts with anti-racism as we work to transform systems of oppression, including in our contemplative communities. As the staff of CMind, we recommit ourselves to this effort as we continue to offer resources for a more just, compassionate, and sustainable society.

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Suggested Reading & Watching

Here are some resources which we have found personally helpful — particularly to us as white women. We suggest these in case they may be helpful to all, but at this time, especially to other white-identified folks, to support our necessary work for collective transformation and liberation. ~ Lila, Carrie & Maya @CMind