How to Fundraise for CMind with Razoo

Daniel Barbezat at the 2014 Summer Session on Contemplative Pedagogy

Thanks for your help!

  1. Go to CMind’s Razoo page.
  2. Scroll down and look for a green GET STARTED button under where it says “Fundraise for this Cause.”
  3. Name your campaign. For example “Help Me Support CMind  in 2015.” Fill out the captcha and click “Start Fundraising.”
  4. Login/Connect (with Facebook, GMail, or register with Razoo). This will bring you to a page which will say:
    [Your Campaign Title]
    [Your name]’s fundraiser for Center for Contemplative Mind in Society Inc.
  5. Click “Admin” (right side, above “$0 Raised”).
  6. Fill out the Summary:­ a one-liner about why you are fundraising for CMind. Feel free to copy CMind’s one-liner.
  7. Fill out Tell Your Story­: copy CMind’s story, or just write your own story about why you like CMind and think your friends and family should donate.
  8. Fill out Set your Goals: set a modest goal. Raise $50 ($10 from 5 donors), raise $500, every little bit matters!
  9. End date: CMind’s current campaigns ends 12/31/15. We’ll be fundraising anew in 2016. Feel free to end your campaign with ours, or extend it.
  10. If you’d like, customize the rest: For “Suggested donation amounts,” leave this blank, copy what CMind has, or enter your own. Add our images, your own images, or leave that blank. Add some words from you to your donors, or leave the default thank you message. It’s up to you!
  11. SHARE! Click on share and follow the directions for the ways in which you can share your Razoo page.

Thanks Again!