2018 Summer Session: Frequently Asked Questions

14th Annual Summer Session on
Contemplative Learning in Higher Education

Sunday, August 5 – Friday, August 10, 2018
Smith College
Northampton, MA


Frequently Asked Questions

We will add to this list as the event approaches.

When is the application deadline? Please apply by the end of March 16th. If you are accepted, we will respond by April 1st with registration information.

What should I wear? Whatever will be comfortable for you to move around in. Casual clothes are fine. Breakout sessions and plenary sessions will be inside of the Campus Center, which is air-conditioned. Dorms are also air-conditioned, but depending on your preferences you may want to bring layers. There will be two receptions, so if you like to dress up, feel free!

What should I bring? For the workshops and sessions, bring whatever you need to work comfortably: your writing utensils, notebooks, laptops, tablets, etc. If you plan to participate in yoga, you should bring your own mat; we will have some available, but not enough for everyone. The weather is unpredictable, so bringing a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the week is suggested. Coffee and tea is widely offered, so you could also bring a travel mug or thermos. You will be using a shared dorm-style bathroom, so flip flops, a robe, and a shower caddy may come in handy as you move between your room and the bathroom.

Are the beds comfortable? There are mixed reviews on this–they are standard dorm rooms, and on the modest side. If you have back issues, or need extra cushioning, bring egg crates or other additional support. If you are a light sleeper, bring ear plugs or other sleeping aids you are comfortable using. There will be a limited amount of fans and extra blankets available.