Upcoming Webinar: “Contemplative Resistance” with Holly Roach Knight

Posted on Jan 7, 2019

Contemplative Resistance

A webinar with
Holly Roach Knight
Cultural Organizer, Trainer and Contemplative

Friday, January 18, 2019
3 pm – 4 pm ET / 12 pm – 1 pm PT
Free and open to all, with a $10 optional, suggested donation

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In a context of institutional and state sanctioned oppression and in a political climate where change has little to no chance of being embraced, we are left with resistance as our only option.

What does resistance look like and how do we engage in it as contemplatives? What does contemplative resistance to institutional injustice look like? How do we find and uplift the non dual moments in activism? How can we navigate the “problematic self” in movements and help build awareness of this deconstructive work in the trenches of social justice? How can we cultivate and share a view where oppression becomes the very seed of transformation?

Contemplatives are often discouraged from engaging in the dualism and aggression of activism for social change. But what if we viewed social justice organizing as opportunities for transformation and healing? What if we imagine activism as a profound opportunity for personal growth, for engaging our practice, deconstructing the self, taking risks, and showing up for those who are most vulnerable to and impacted by injustice?

We will explore tools for navigating the plurality of social movements and practices for cultivating non-judgement as a view through which to see and operate within social movements. We will look at some of the obstacles to social change and explore how a contemplative view, practice, and conduct can help us address them. In essence, we will look at how contemplative education in higher education can help equip students to navigate and contribute to equity and social justice work.

About the Presenter

Holly Roach KnightHolly Roach Knight is a cultural organizer, a contemplative activist and social justice trainer who lives at the social movement intersections of racial justice, contemplative faith, and education. Holly is currently working to complete two MA degrees this year in Contemplative Education at Naropa University and Social Justice and Community Organizing at Prescott College. She is developing a body of work she calls Integral Social Change and is a co-founder at Transform Network, connecting people and communities of faith with broader movements for social justice. Holly resides in Asheville, NC, and is a proud mom to three step-kids and three dogs.

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