A Gift For Your Gift

Change doesn’t happen alone…
and you are not alone in your vision of a more just and compassionate world.

A donation to CMind connects you to an international network: a community that works for justice, is motivated by compassion, and which draws strength from contemplative practices. With the awareness and connection gained through contemplative practices, we are resilient:

  • in facing our own personal struggles;
  • in changing the ways we interact with others;
  • in having difficult, necessary conversations;
  • in sustaining the challenging work of making real change to our society, its structures and institutions.

Donate at least $30 or become a recurring monthly donor and we’ll send you three inspiring prints crafted by our staff for you to enjoy or share. May they evoke feelings of connection and community, within which we find the courage to face our struggles and act with compassion!

Receive this set of 3 prints with a donation of $30 or more, or any monthly recurring donation.

With our legacy of leading contemplative engagement with an array of fields including law, youth leadership, journalism, higher education, and activism, CMind is moving into our third decade. Please give today to help sustain this movement!